We will always use the more sustainable and eco-friendly option when it comes to fabrics.

1.All denim used in our collection is 100% recycled.

2.We will only use recycled polyester which uses 33% to 53% less energy than virgin polyester and reduces landfill waste.

3.Organic alternatives will always be used where possible.

4.With any new collections we will always use the most innovative and sustainable fabrics available to us at the time.


All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable

In an effort to reduce single use plastic. Our box, lid, shipping bag, tissue paper, ribbon and swing ticket are all recycled and recyclable.


A tree is planted with every order sold.

We partner with an organisation called More:Trees so that every time an order is paid, a tree is planted using the proceeds from your purchase.

All of our clothes are ethically made in the UK

This first collection has been made possible by some talented seamstresses working freelance in the UK. They are paid above minimum wage for the excellent quality they provide. When we expand, we will only look to working with only the most ethical factories.