Fashion sustainability- What to watch and Listen to

Fashion sustainability- What to watch and Listen to

In the 2000s, I had my first education of the issues in the fashion industry by stumbling across a documentary called Blood, sweat and t-shirts. (Available to watch on YouTube.) The documentary followed young British adults as they lived and worked alongside Indian garment workers. My eyes were now open to some the problems the workers face. It showed the struggles of the families working in the factories. The struggle for food, education and shelter. 

Now we have better resources at our fingertips, I thought I'd share some of the references I have used to learn more about the topic of sustainable fashion.

1. Podcasts- The Future of Fashion Business, The Business of Fashion and Fashion Critical.  All three of these podcasts have episodes dedicated to sustainability in fashion. 

2. YouTube- 'UDITA' (Arise) [Documentary about the female garment workers, Bangladesh] This documentary is a must-watch if you want to start understanding some of the problems in the industry. It follows the lives of women working in Bangladeshi factories and shows some of the fallout of the Rana Plaza disaster. (Protestors from the documentary are shown below.)


3. Amazon Prime- The True Cost . This film shows the different parts of the fashion industry across the world from cotton farming in Texas to the western consumers.

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