The making of the new collection

The making of the new collection

We are so excited to announce the release of our new summer collection. All of the items are available to pre-order now.

When designing the new collection, I was thinking of those warmer days and summer evenings. I wanted outfits you can transition from a warm day to a cooler evening in by slipping on a light jacket.

For the first time, we did the whole shoot on location this meant a 6 hour drive for me to visit the stunning location in the south of the UK. It just so happened that the day that we went, it was 25 degrees Celsius and even hotter in the sun. The perfect weather for our summer collection. 

This collection is made from specially made fabric using recycled materials/ post consumer waste. I designed the jumpsuit with comfort in mind which is why the waist is elasticated and in general a looser fit. The binding on the inside neckline is where you can really see the quality in manufacturing.

Our next item is the ruched top. You can match this with the split maxi skirt. It can be worn in so many different ways. You can either keep the ties as separate bows and leave a gap at your midriff to accentuate the asymmetric hem. Alternatively, you can tie it with the skirt ties together to make a dress.


Lastly, our gathered midi dress is so comfortable and easy to wear with it's unique neckline. Make sure to check out our dresses collection for some more brand new releases today.

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