Sustainable Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day In 2022

Valentine’s day is closing in surprisingly fast and now is the best time to start brainstorming on sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s day that guarantee to ‘wow’ and delight that special someone in your life. That’s why today we rounded up a list of the best eco-friendly Valentine's day gifts and a few key pieces to take her romantic sartorial style to new heights.

Eco-friendly Valentine’s day gifts for 2022


Sustainable chocolate from Land Chocolate

Looking for the sweetest sustainable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day (literally and figuratively)? Land Chocolate’s sustainable chocolate bars are the perfect option! These beautifully-packaged treats are made in the heart of Bethnal Green, London from a brand that thrives on offering taste, value, and recyclability.

Clean reserve perfume

CLEAN RESERVE is a popular sustainable perfume that follows strictly green manufacturing processes in order to minimize their production waste. Even the cap is made of sustainable wood from Spain. As for their packaging, it is crafted from biodegradable and compostable corn-derived cellophane. The subtle notes of creamy Madagascar vanilla perfectly blended with earthy and woody musk tones deliver a nice, fresh scent you already know she will adore.


Organic Blooms from  British Flowers

Flowers? On Valentine's day? Shocking. British flowers are arguably one of the best eco-friendly Valentine’s day gifts of 2022. It’s known that most flower shops offer imported options that carry chemicals. British Flowers, on the other hand, is an organic cut flower farm near Bristol that offers blooms that have been cut directly from the soil right then and there. Plus, their bouquets are absolutely stunning!

Eco-friendly recycled ruched dresses for Valentine’s day

Black recycled ruched mini dress worn by @tarajade_style

Chocolate recycled ruched midi dress worn by @staceylodge_


“Dress to impress” takes a whole new meaning when sustainability and transparency are also involved. Our eco-friendly fashion brand, Megan Ismay, offers all-year-round dress styles that deserve a place in every women’s capsule wardrobe. Each one of our sustainable dresses is crafted with innovative fabrics to reduce harm to the environment without compromising on style or comfort. Both dresses are made from recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer waste to reduce landfill waste.

From fabrics to design, production, and packaging, we pride ourselves on the quality of our collections and our ongoing effort to reduce harm to the environment and show full transparency in our manufacturing process.





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