My experience as a Fashion Marketing and Admin Assistant at Megan Ismay

My experience as a Fashion Marketing and Admin Assistant at Megan Ismay

Over the past couple of months, Mimi, a fashion marketing and branding student at Nottingham Trent University, came to work with us to complete part of a module. It has been a joy to get to know Mimi and watch her progress in the field. Below, she shares her experience and how she has found the placement.

In March 2023, I became part of the team for Megan Ismay as part of my placement for university. I was really excited to gain new experiences and learn more about a fashion company works. Knowing that the company was purely sustainable and eco-friendly was an important to me as I have been learning about the matter and it has since become something I am passionate about. Some moments which I have enjoyed are The Ruddington Market, the 2-year anniversary event and creating the marketing material for these events and emails. I was already strong in using InDesign and photoshop which I had learned from my first year at university, so having the opportunity to use those skills to create different marketing materials was exciting and allowed me to show my potential to Megan and build a good portfolio.

The market event taught me more about good customer service and how to market a brand by mouth instead of social media. I enjoyed the atmosphere and engaging with different people who were interested in the brand

The 2 year anniversary was exciting as I had to create different types of advertisement leading up to the event. I am so grateful for an opportunity like this as I believe it has really helped me with continuing my studies and benefitted my knowledge of the fashion world. Working for Megan was the perfect chance to be creative.



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