Give your old jeans a new life!

Give your old jeans a new life!

We are a brand that champions sustainability and recycling in the fashion industry. We have always accepted donations of old jeans which we upcycle in our recycled denim collection. In line with our latest release the Recycled Denim Midi Skirt, (See below) we are offering something exclusively to donators.


For the month of January only, every donator will receive a 30% off discount code to spend online. 

How to donate-

1. Collect your old jeans you no longer wear in any colour or condition. We really do mean any condition. (We have received one legged jeans with rips and stains and we have always managed to deep clean and recycle a part of them!)

2. Drop off your jeans at your local post office and send to Megan Ismay Ltd, PO Box 11014, Nottingham, NG11 1EA, United Kingdom.

3. Email with your name and subject title- Recycle Jeans Campaign. Let us know your jeans are on their way. We will send you your discount code via email here. If you would like us to use your jeans in one of our signature styles please let us know in this email.



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