5 Questions to ask when you want to buy clothes sustainably

5 Questions to ask when you want to buy clothes sustainably

Buying sustainable clothes is a great way to reduce environmental harm and support workers' rights within the fashion industry. If you want to take the steps to buy sustainable clothes, there are some important questions you need to ask.

1. Are the fabrics sustainable? Look for organic or recycled labelling and certification.

2. Who made my clothes? Transparency is key. Look at the company's about us section and see who the workers are and their working conditions.

3. Is the packaging recycled or recyclable? Single use plastic is one of the biggest threats to our planet.

4. Do they support the fast fashion mentality? Over consumption is a huge problem in the fashion industry. Check how many new releases they have in a year, if it seems excessive, it probably is. Made to order purchasing and limited stock are two good ways they can reduce the excess waste we put on our planet.

Lastly, the important question to ask yourself before purchasing.

5. Can you wear this for more than one occasion? If not than it may not be worth the purchase.

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